Biopsy of the testicle and its appendages Shymkent

Biopsy of the testicle and its appendages

One of the most challenging cases of male infertility is azoospermia, which refers to the absence of sperm in the seminal fluid. Conceiving a child naturally is impossible with azoospermia, but through the IVF + ICSI procedure, there is still a chance for individuals with this diagnosis to become fathers. Specialists employ the testicular biopsy method to obtain spermatozoa for use in the IVF + ICSI procedure. The essence of this method lies in extracting spermatozoa directly from the testicles or their appendages.

Depending on the method of sperm extraction, there are several methods of testicular biopsy:

  • The method in which male germ cells are extracted using a testicular puncture, carried out with a special needle under ultrasound guidance, is referred to as a minimally invasive method. In medical terminology, this method is called TESA.
  • A more invasive method involves making a small incision on the skin of the scrotum, followed by the extraction of tissue from various parts of the testicle. The obtained biomaterial is then placed in a special liquid in the laboratory, and a specialist selects suitable spermatozoa using a microscope. In medical language, this method is known as PESE.
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