IVF with a guarantee

IVF with a guarantee

This program is designed to help patients reduce the financial risk of an unsuccessful IVF procedure and plan their treatment costs.

Pregnancy does not always occur with IVF.

Often, patients have to go through more than one IVF cycle, which will inevitably entail significant financial costs. However, to reduce costs and provide protection against financial losses in case of unsuccessful treatment at the Ecomed clinic, there is IVF with a guarantee.

Married couples who meet all the mandatory preliminary requirements can undergo four IVF cycles and accompanying transfers of thawed embryos obtained in these cycles before achieving pregnancy for a fixed amount.

If pregnancy does not occur as a result of IVF infertility treatment, the clinic refunds the full cost of this package.

General requirements of this program:

  • The age of the wife is younger than 35 years at the time of the start of the program.
  • Less than 3 unsuccessful IVF attempts in the medical history.
  • The presence of documentation about previous cycles of in vitro fertilization in the medical history with a record of previous IVF attempts.
  • The patient must be a non-smoker or must quit smoking at least three months before the start of the IVF cycle, which will be confirmed by tests.
  • Absence of obesity. The body mass index should not be higher than 29 (calculated as weight in kilograms divided by height in meters squared).
  • Consent to perform ICSI (if indicated), transfer 2 or 3 embryos into the uterine cavity, and cryopreserve (freeze) the remaining viable embryos (cryopreserved embryos must be transferred to the uterine cavity before the start of the next IVF cycle).
  • The level of FSH in the blood on the 2-3 day of the cycle should not be higher than 9.0 IU/L.
  • The level of AMH in the blood on the 2-5 day of the cycle should be at least 1.5 ng/mL.
  • The TSH level in the blood should not be higher than 2.9 micromol/mL.
  • The presence of two ovaries available for transvaginal puncture, with at least 5 antral follicles in each ovary.

Spermogram: The results of the analysis of the husband’s sperm ejaculate should correspond to the indicators of at least 5,000,000 live sperm in the ejaculate, with at least 10% being active and mobile.

The program includes:

  • Four IVF cycles with standard stimulation;
  • The required number of embryo cryopreservation cycles;
  • The required number of thawing and embryo transfer cycles.

REFERENCE! Examination, medications, drugs for stimulation, as well as additional procedures are not included in the price of this package.

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