Preimplantation genetic diagnosis/PGD/PGS screening Shymkent

Preimplantation genetic diagnosis/PGD/PGS screening

The IVF Center, known as “Ecomed,” and prospective parents share a common aspiration – the arrival of a robust and healthy baby. In pursuit of this shared dream, our center consistently explores innovative methods that provide an opportunity to detect and eliminate genetic abnormalities and diseases in embryos during the IVF procedure, even before pregnancy begins. Among these methods, which bear a certain “fateful” significance by forewarning the potential birth of an unhealthy child, is preimplantation genetic diagnosis, commonly referred to as PGD.

PGD functions as a form of “technical control department” (TCD) within the IVF program.

In which cases PGD is recommended:

  • when the age of future parents is more than 35 years old;
  • when there have been several miscarriages and frozen pregnancies in the past;
  • when there were several failed IVF attempts;
  • when a woman was diagnosed with a severe form of infertility;
  • when there is a risk of hereditary transmission of the disease.

Why do I need PGD?

  • To increase the chances of successful IVF and fetal gestation;
  • To exclude embryos with chromosomal abnormalities;
  • To identify embryos with hereditary diseases;
  • To find out the sex and Rh factor of the unborn child.

How does the procedure work?

PGD is a procedure that demands the utmost care and precision in the manipulations performed. Achieving the safe separation of a cell from an embryo, decoding the genetic code, and providing a reliable conclusion necessitate not only significant professionalism but also high-class equipment and a suitable laboratory environment. Our center has established all these conditions.

When do PGD?

PGD, considering individual characteristics, is primarily conducted 3-5 days after fertilization of the egg. This timing is chosen because, at this stage, the procedure poses minimal harm to the embryo, and the extracted cell contains the requisite information.

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