Vaginismus Shymkent


Vaginismus (also known as vulvism, colpospasm, or vagodynia) is a painful condition characterized by involuntary spasm of the muscles of the vagina during penetration, including sexual intercourse. This condition extends beyond penetrative sex to other situations such as the introduction of a gynecological mirror, a hygienic tampon, or taking a smear. The involuntary painful muscle spasm in vaginismus makes it challenging to engage in sexual intercourse with penetration and other gynecological manipulations.


The causes of vaginismus are rooted in the psycho-emotional sphere, such as a fear of pain or opinions about the immorality of sex. However, in some cases, vaginismus can also occur as a result of infectious diseases or vaginal injuries, including those that may occur after childbirth.


The diagnosis of vaginismus primarily focuses on ruling out organic causes of the condition. In addition to consulting and being examined by a gynecologist (where a diagnosis is typically made), it is necessary to conduct a gynecological ultrasound and a study of the vaginal biocenosis.


The treatment of vaginismus is highly individualized and aims to address the underlying cause. A psychotherapist is an integral part of the treatment program.

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