Varicocele in Shymkent


Varicocele is a condition characterized by the presence of varicose veins in the spermatic cord, leading to a disruption of blood outflow from the testicle. Individuals with varicocele may experience pulling and bursting pains, along with a sensation of heaviness and discomfort, often accompanied by visible enlargement of veins in the scrotum. In some cases, inflammation and rupture of veins may occur, resulting in hemorrhage into the scrotum, necessitating urgent surgical intervention.

The condition itself is not life-threatening for men, but it is considered one of the potential causes of male infertility.

Several degrees of Varicocele are detected:

  • 0 degree: Varicocele is not visually or palpably detectable; it can only be identified through ultrasound.
  • 1st degree: Not felt in the prone position but detectable in the standing position.
  • 2nd degree: Detectable by palpation in both supine and standing positions.
  • 3rd degree: Visually identifiable due to the dilation of the veins.

Symptoms of varicocele

The symptoms depend on the severity of the varicocele.

Typically, at degrees 0 and 1, there are no noticeable symptoms indicating the condition; it is often detected during a medical examination.

At the 2nd degree of the condition, individuals may experience complaints of pain in the scrotum. The severity of pain ranges from mild to moderate and is generally tolerable. Pain is often exacerbated during movement, with some men reporting sharp pains resembling neuralgic pain. Additionally, sweating may increase, and there may be a sensation of heaviness and burning in the scrotum.

At the 3rd degree, patients experience constant pain, irrespective of movement or exertion. The pain is most pronounced at night, and there is a significant impairment of the sexual sphere.

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