Our doctors

Saltanat Baikoshkarova

Scientific Director of the clinic
Doctor of Biological Sciences

Bibigul Sagyndykova

A reproductive therapist

Gaini Anartayeva

A reproductive therapist

Aigerim Krykbayeva

A reproductive therapist

Aigerim Akhmetova

about the doctor A promising specialist, a highly skilled physician with deep knowledge and extensive experience in obstetrics and gynecology. Characterized by high professionalism, supported by continuous professional development, regular attendance at international congresses, scientific conferences, and seminars. Through persistent education, integrates the latest methods of diagnosis and treatment of infertility in infertile patients into …

Amangeldi Totykemenov

about the doctor Obstetrician-gynecologist, reproductive specialist, graduate of the Astana Medical University. Participant and finalist of the “Best Graduate of Kazakhstan” competition. Has extensive experience working in Perinatal Centers. The main goal has always been to achieve results, provide continuous support to patients, and fight to the end regardless of circumstances. Participant in many national …