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About Clinic

The idea of creating a laboratory for the treatment of infertility by in vitro fertilization (IVF) originated with Dr. Saltanat Baikoshkarova in the late 80s. At a conference in Sochi on the problems of infertility treatment on the basis of the American-Russian Center, Saltanat met the founders of IVF in the USSR.

On April 18, 1995, the Ecomed Infertility Treatment Medical Center was established in Almaty. The birth of the first Kazakhstani child “from a test tube” on July 31, 1996, the authors of which are the founder of IVF in Kazakhstan, embryologist Saltanat Baykoshkarova and gynecologist Tatiana Rubashina (Kopylova), opened a new page in the field of infertility treatment in the country.

In 1995, the Ecomed clinic was included in the World IVF Registry in France as the first IVF laboratory in Kazakhstan. In 2005, the heads of the clinic took part in an international congress held in London under the patronage of Queen Elizabeth II, dedicated to the celebration of the 2 millionth test tube baby in the world. Nobel Prize winner, world-famous Professor Robert Edwards (Cambridge, UK), thanks to whose professionalism the first “test tube” girl in the world was born in 1978, personally congratulated the first IVF laboratory in Kazakhstan in the person of its head Saltanat Baikoshkarova.

Today, the clinic has the opportunity to diagnose and treat infertility at the most modern scientific level, all types and possibilities of obtaining highly qualified assistance in the field of assisted reproductive technologies (ART) are presented without traveling abroad. Evidence of this is also the treatment of patients from the near (Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, etc.) and from abroad (Germany, USA, Turkey, Italy, England, etc.).

Mission of the “Ecomed” Clinic group

Life is Born here, we are FOR the Birth of Life, we are together with you on the way to a long-awaited Dream!

Vision of the “Ecomed” Clinic group

To establish ourselves as the premier network of clinics in Kazakhstan for infertility treatment, achieving the highest pregnancy success rates, and providing support in realizing the joys of parenthood for patients from both Kazakhstan and abroad.

Values of the Ecomed Clinic group

Patients: We always act in the best interests of the patient. Each patient and their history is individual and confidential. We create all conditions for the absolute comfort of each patient. We are open to innovation in order to improve the quality of care for our patients. We apply the best achievements in the field of reproductive medicine, use the most effective world practices of academic, innovative, research and clinical activities.

Employees: each of our specialists is the No. 1 expert in their field of activity, we infinitely appreciate the professionalism of our team, help to improve, see the results of their own work every day and be inspired to new victories. Our employees regularly improve their skills in the leading clinics of the world, participate in international medical conferences.

Partners: compliance with professional ethics in partnerships is a key principle of our work.

Advantages of the clinic

Extensive group of branches

In Kazakhstan today, clinics are successfully operating in Almaty, Astana, Atyrau, Aktau, Taraz, Shymkent, Kyzylorda, and Ust-Kamenogorsk.

– 2 clinics in Tashkent and Bishkek.

– Over 100 partners throughout Kazakhstan.

– 400 qualified specialists.

Большой опыт

The experience of more than 25 years allows us to successfully implement unique technologies that are the hallmark of the center and the key to high results.

  • The first test tube baby in Kazakhstan
  • More than 25 thousand ART cycles
  • More than 16 thousand children born by IVF

High efficiency

The high efficiency of IVF cycles in the Ecomed clinic is achieved due to experienced reproductologists and embryologists, a strong organization of the IVF laboratory and the introduction of modern treatment protocols used in leading clinics of the world.
— The frequency of clinical pregnancies in stimulated cycles – 51%
— Frequency of clinical pregnancies in cryocycles – 70%
— 1 stimulated cycle + 1 cryocycle = 90%
— Take home baby rate – 42%

Unique technologies

Ecomed Clinic always keeps its finger on the global pulse of technology development in reproductive medicine and embryology, introducing the most unique and effective methods in Kazakhstan:
— MACS – magnetically activated sperm sorting

— Forcing hatching
— Accommodation of gametes and embryos
— Rejuvenation of oocytes of aged women
— More effective oogenesis
— A system of visual observation of gametes and embryos for patients

Best prices

We have a “transparent” payment system and a customer loyalty program

Large assortment

To date, we provide a full range of ART services, including unique technologies presented only in the Ecomed clinic group.

Special environments

Only the Ecomed clinic uses a new generation of media containing a geroprotective complex, which is the most physiological environment for embryo cultivation, successfully simulating the composition of the human uterine environment today.
— Fertilization rate – 83%
— Blastulation rate – 59%

Safe treatment

We are the only center in Kazakhstan successfully practicing minimal stimulation in IVF. Minimal stimulation is the minimization of hormonal effects on a woman’s body, while simultaneously improving the quality of treatment, reducing material costs of patients and eliminating complications of IVF procedure (hyperstimulation syndrome, multiple pregnancy). Only an experienced center, confident in its base, is not afraid to use this technology and gets high results with fewer eggs.

Rational use of biomaterial

We are the only center in Kazakhstan that has been officially certified by the Japanese technology of vitrification (freezing) of gametes and embryos “Cryotech” by the author of this technology – Dr. Masashige Kuwayama. This is the only technology that allows to achieve 100% survival of gametes and embryos after thawing
— The high frequency of blastulation allows freezing embryos in 67% of cases
— Oocyte survival rate – 98%
— Embryo survival rate – 100%

Wide selection of donors in Kazakhstan

The selection process of applicants is carried out according to strict criteria and as a result, 99% of candidates for donors are excluded. Such careful selection allows us to guarantee the high quality of the biomaterial and the phenotypic diversity of the most preferred characteristics of donors.
— 24 men were selected from more than 800 potential sperm donors
— 51 women were selected from more than 150 potential oocyte donors

International certification

The Ecomed clinic annually conducts various procedures to control and improve the quality of services provided. To date, the clinic has passed international certification in reproductology and embryology with 12 international-class foreign auditors.
— More than 30 partners worldwide

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