Batyr Bekmussayev


Batyr Bekmussayev is the founder of the first IVF clinic in Kazakhstan, the general director of the “Ecomed” clinic group.

He was born in the village of Baykadam, Sarysu district, Zhambyl region. Graduated from Almaty Power Engineering Institute (1980).

Work experience: at the time of Kazakhstan’s Independence, he worked in the Department of External Relations in the State Committee for Nature Protection of the Kazakh SSR. In 1991, he founded a small enterprise “Syrym”, later sold his business to financially support the idea of his wife Saltanat Baykoshkarova, the author of the first Kazakh child “from a test tube”. In 1995, the couple founded the first IVF laboratory in Kazakhstan — the Ecomed Medical Center. Along with this, the Institute of Human Reproduction and Embryology (2010) and the Kazakhstan Association of Human Reproduction (2006) were founded under the leadership of Batyr Bekmussayev.

Author of books «Честная повесть» и «Жауабы жоқ дүние».

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