“Ecomed” in honor of the 25th anniversary of the first eco Laboratory of Kazakhstan

The year 2020 was declared the “Year of Volunteers” by the head of state Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, thereby he launched the beginning of good intentions of people, which is an example for abandoning lavish celebrations and holding useless events in favor of the possibility of providing gratuitous assistance to needy citizens of Kazakhstan.

Following this highly spiritual example, the first IVF laboratory in Kazakhstan, Ecomed, decided to provide charitable assistance to childless couples who faced the problem of infertility. This problem is very acute for Kazakhstan, as about 20 thousand couples are trapped in infertility every year. Of these, about 8 thousand need assisted reproductive technologies — that is, in vitro fertilization (IVF), which is used in cases where it is no longer possible to achieve pregnancy by other methods.

In general, the frequency of infertile marriage in Kazakhstan is 15 percent. WHO considers this level to be a state problem, because it affects the demographic indicators of the population.

According to the established tradition, the leading clinic of human reproduction “Ecomed” is the only clinic in Kazakhstan and Central Asia, which annually and especially in the jubilee years of its work announces charity programs, gives additional discounts and conducts free services and receptions for the treatment of infertility and support for married couples who dream of only one dream — to become parents of beautiful babies.

As the head of state noted: “According to the UN, the contribution of volunteerism to the global economy is more than $400 billion annually. Volunteering is not just a free job, it is an indicator of citizens’ responsibility and willingness to change the world for the better.
Not only nature needs our attention and care, but also the people around us.”

In this regard, the Ecomed clinic network, represented by scientific director, Doctor of Biological Sciences, founder of IVF in Kazakhstan, author of the first child “from a test tube” Baykoshkarova Saltanat Berdenovna, announces charity programs to combat infertility and gives couples the opportunity to use the services of Ecomed clinics, of which:

✅ 100 married couples will receive a discount on the passage of the IVF program in a stimulated cycle in the city of Almaty.

✅ For a whole month, leading reproductive doctors will hold free primary appointments in all Ecomed human reproduction clinics throughout Kazakhstan.

✅ All patients of the Ecomed clinic who have undergone 2 or more unsuccessful IVF attempts will receive a 50% discount on the next program.

✅ 25 free IVF programs for couples.

✅ Field receptions will be held throughout Kazakhstan by leading reproductologists who will receive patients with infertility problems free of charge.

We think this is a good help and support for many families! We wish you good luck and fulfillment of your cherished dream of becoming a mom and dad!

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