Through the ‘Angsagan Sabi’ program, 7,000 babies were born in 3 years.”

More than 100 parents from different regions of our country, who came to the capital to seek help from specialists and succeeded in having children, gathered at this event, reuniting and sharing their joy with others.

At the festive evening, Saltanat Baikosharova, the founder of the in vitro fertilization laboratory in Kazakhstan, and Minister of Health Akmaral Alnazarova gave speeches, congratulating the children and parents on the holiday.

“We came here to see only a part of the significant results of the ‘Ansağan Sabi’ program, which has been implemented since 2020. In the last three years, since the program started, more than 7,000 children have been born through in vitro fertilization across the country. Before this, the budget provided 1,000 quotas for those who wished to have children through this method, but as you know, the number of quotas has been increased sevenfold by the President’s order. At that time, there were many parents waiting in line, with waiting times extending up to 7-8 years. Now, due to the allocation of 7,000 quotas annually, the waiting time has been reduced to 12 months. This is a good indicator even by international standards,” the minister said in an interview with the media.

She also mentioned that the effectiveness of the ‘Ansağan Sabi’ program meets the best international standards.

“In the three years I mentioned, 21,000 quotas were given, of which 7,000 resulted in the birth of healthy children. Compared to international standards, this is a much better indicator. Specialists from the ‘Ecomed’ center, reproductive scientists, and parents have noted the effectiveness of the ‘Ansağan Sabi’ program and made several suggestions. Most of these suggestions concern the volume and cost of tariffs. I believe everything can be resolved by consulting with specialists. The accessibility of this program, initiated by President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, is also felt by the people. There are enough specialists. We have become leaders in Central Asia on this issue. There are also many guests coming from abroad,” Akmaral Alnazarova said.

After the festival, Minister A. Alnazarova and Almaz Ibragimov, the medical director of the Astana center of the ‘Ecomed’ clinics group, held a ceremony for two children born under the ‘Ansağan Sabi’ program.