Colposcopy in Astana


Colposcopy is a diagnostic procedure in which a doctor carefully examines your cervix under magnification using a specialized device known as a colposcope. If any abnormalities or changes in the cervix are suspected during the examination, further evaluation and potential treatment options, including surgery, may be considered. A colposcope is an instrument similar to a microscope mounted on a stand that allows the doctor to assess changes in your cervix with greater precision.

During the examination, the colposcope is positioned approximately 20-28 cm away from your body. It is not inserted into the vagina and does not come into direct contact with your body. For the majority of women, colposcopy is considered a painless procedure, but in some instances, it may cause mild discomfort.

Where is colposcopy performed?

Colposcopy is typically conducted on an outpatient basis, commonly in a specially equipped office. There is usually no need to visit a hospital for this procedure.

Under which circumstances might a doctor recommend colposcopy for me?

There are various situations in which you may be assigned a colposcopy:

  • Colposcopy is advised when the results of the cytological analysis you underwent as part of a screening program indicate deviations from the norm, raising concerns about potential precancerous changes in the cervical mucosa (for more information on cervical cancer screening, refer to the relevant resources). It is recommended to perform colposcopy to gain a clearer understanding of the situation.
  • In instances where the gynecologist, during a cervical examination using mirrors, observes significant changes or notes bleeding.
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