Urology in Astana


Experiencing issues in your sexual health? Struggling with self-confidence? In need of assistance from a skilled urologist in Astana? Require a scheduled preventive examination by a specialist in men’s health?

The “Ecomed” Center for IVF and Reproductive Medicine in Astana is your ideal choice.

Men who prioritize their well-being understand the importance of maintaining good health. To sustain sexual health and overall quality of life, it is crucial to consult a competent specialist in men’s health. At our center, you can schedule an appointment with the top urologist in Astana.

Highly qualified specialists of a narrow profile will provide:

  • individual approach to each patient;
  • necessary diagnostic procedures;
  • a treatment regimen for a specific case, taking into account the individual characteristics of a man;
  • preparation of a couple for pregnancy in a natural way;
  • the patient’s readiness for reproductive methods, such as IVF, ICSI, PICSI;
  • carrying out various manipulations according to indications, including ovarian biopsy.

The “Ecomed” Clinic in Astana offers patients a list of tests necessary for effective treatment:

  • urine analysis;
  • biochemical blood examination;
  • examination for infections by immunological methods and PCR;
  • evaluation of a smear from the urethra;
  • spermogram;
  • examination of prostate secretions;
  • epithelial scrapings, etc.

Price of services

First consultation with a urologist

00 000 тг.


00 000 тг.

Smear on the degree of purity

00 000 тг.

Expert urological ultrasound

2 000 000 тг.

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    A urologist is a medical specialist who deals with the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases of the urinary and reproductive systems.

    At our clinic, a skilled urologist is dedicated to preventing, diagnosing, and treating conditions of the genitourinary system. The urologist at the Ecomed Clinic in Astana welcomes both men and women. So, if you require assistance in matters related to “men’s health” or reproductive health, don’t hesitate to contact our clinic and schedule an appointment with the finest specialist in the field.


    • Premature ejaculation;
    • Pain and pain when urinating;
    • Burning and itching in the urethra;
    • Pain during sexual intercourse;
    • Pain in the kidneys or in the lumbar region;
    • Discharge from the urethra;
    • Violation of urination;
    • Blood in the urine;
    • With signs of male infertility;
    • Weak erection or its complete absence;
    • Decreased potency;
    • Decreased libido;
    • Unprotected sex.


    • To undergo an initial examination with the best urologists — andrologists of Almaty;
    • Undergo a comprehensive diagnosis of “men’s health”;
    • Take tests for sexually transmitted infections and diseases (STIs and STDs);
    • To choose high-quality treatment of urological diseases using only proven and inexpensive drugs;
    • Treatment of urolithiasis (kidney stones, ureter, bladder);
    • Diagnose the causes of male infertility with its further treatment;
    • To cure prostatitis quickly and without pain;
    • Kidney treatment and frequent urination;
    • Treatment of chronic and acute cystitis and urethritis in women;
    • Treatment of prostate adenoma without surgery;
    • Prostate massage;
    • Improve your erection and regain self-confidence.

    Other services

    • Название услуги 00 000 тг.
    • Название услуги 00 000 тг.
    • Название услуги 00 000 тг.
    • Название услуги 00 000 тг.

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