Spermogram in Astana

What is a spermogram?

A spermogram is an examination of the ejaculate (sperm) that assesses the quantity, motility, and morphological characteristics of spermatozoa.

This is a screening analysis that enables the early detection of various forms of male infertility. The World Health Organization recommends that all healthy men undergo this study once every 6 months.

Indications for the study:

  • Routine inspection
  • Pregnancy planning
  • Observation of the dynamics of male infertility treatment
  • Planning of cryopreservation of biomaterial

Preparation for the study:

To obtain a quality result, preparation is necessary. Preparation for the study should be done in advance.

  • Observe complete sexual rest for 3-4 days before the study
  • A week before the procedure, exclude cases of overheating of the scrotum (baths, saunas, occupational hazards)

How is the procedure conducted?

In our clinic, there is a special room with soundproofing and a relaxing atmosphere for collecting biomaterial for examination.

After collecting the sample, the vial is sent to the laboratory located in the adjacent room, where professional lab technicians promptly commence the designated examinations.

Price of spermogram


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